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Baby Safety


In recent years the Russian market can observe one characteristic phenomenon - a "boom of motherhood." Almost every day, opening offices, shops, boutiques and even shopping malls, offering seems to be all that is necessary, as soon as the family expected the addition: of clothing for expectant mothers to the logic of toys that can make a kid prodigy.

However, once grudnichok growing up, and he gets bored just lying in swaddling clothes and smiling parents, moms and dads understand that, it turns out, most importantly, it is necessary for the whole family during the child's knowledge of the world outside of the crib - perhaps the lack of . This is the so-called security to children. In fact, many parents do not suspect about them, continue with sighs laid in place the contents of cupboards and drawers, examined the baby, with bated breath to listen, did not reveal whether the window is left unattended for a moment "varmint" and soothe the child, prihlopnuvshego fingers tight interroom door. The fact is that until recently the Russian market of products of child safety have been presented fairly sparingly: to protect the child could, perhaps, from the electrical outlets in the plastic plugs that were sold in any hardware store.

For the curious, but quite another to innocent kid, danger is not only outlet: windows that a child can open, risking fall out, door interior and exterior, day after day watching the parents and child can easily open and close them on the existing lock. Criticality of the situation can hardly be overestimated, if, say, mom was locked two-year child in the winter on the balcony, or baby, while parents are busy in the kitchen, opened the front door and left in an unknown direction; drawers where you store valuable family photos, or medicine that "the researcher "happy to try on the tooth.

When parents are faced with these issues, becomes relevant products for the safety of children who have blocked access to the child many things, to protect him from injury, thus, themselves and moms and dads - from additional problems.

Production of various kinds of "stick-vyruchalochek" for parents in Russia is engaged in the only company LLC "Baby Safety". Safety of children at home - or rather, a series of products for safety kids are known under the brand name Baby Safety.


Protection, care, health care -
- Company "Baby Safety" produces and sells products for the safety of your children.


Company "Baby Safety" - a young, friendly and successful team.

The basis of our success - professionalism and interest of all employees in their work.

The most important thing for our company - to meet the highest demands and requirements. Our company is committed to combining its products quality and functionality.

The company has its own production facilities in 2000 square meters, the production is constructed in such a way that each employee had a comfortable workplace, which greatly increases the productivity and quality of rabot.Nasha policy is based on providing the maximum number of solutions to the customer, with which it can successfully to solve its tasks.

We produce the means of child safety in high-tech imported equipment. Our production capacity allows to produce significant volumes of production in the short term.

We are a leading Russian enterprises for the production of child safety!

The main priority of our company are:

- Quality

- Strict compliance with its obligations

The team seeks to establish open and trusting relationships with partners. Working with us, you're assured of quality and timing, and we in turn will help you make the right and best choice of products and materials for their manufacture.


Injection molding under pressure - the best technology for the manufacture of complex-shaped parts from plastic, through which you can get the serial high-quality products at reasonable prices.
Our company has extensive experience with the 2007 market casting.

We offer services for molding plastic injection molding machines in our.

Index LGH130D
Clamping force 130 tons
Injection volume 251 cm3
The distance between columns 460x460 mm
Plate Size 570x570 mm

Machines for small and medium sizes with the controller HICOM-700 and the clamping force of 130 tons. Direct hydraulic clamping node type. This equipment can be like them ready for the simplest task of molding, and for complex projects to produce products with short cycle, or by casting with stringent requirements for accuracy.

Production area, warehouse, office space, the total area of ​​2,000 m2, located in Kstovo Nizhny Novgorod region 30 km from Nizhny Novgorod, it will reduce the logistical and communication costs. There are accessories: plastic shredders.

There is a possibility of the enterprise without stopping, which guarantees the efficient execution of orders.

Our experts will select the optimal solutions at minimal cost.

We offer services in blister packs.
Blister Packaging - Packaging consisting of a box, molded to the size and shape of the packaged objects made of transparent film and the printing substrate. Has a relatively low sebistoimostyu also an important advantage is the visual accessibility of the subject sale to the buyer.

Our company has extensive experience in this area, which will help avoid any questions when selecting components for blister packaging.

Build your business with us.



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LLC Baby Safety www.babysafety.ru +7 (83145) 38353

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